I currently teach two public classes

Tuesdays 10-11.30am
Masonic Hall, Lochwinnoch
Gentle Flow + Meditation
Drop In £7

Tuesdays 6-7pm
Masonic Hall, Lochwinnoch
Flow Yoga
Drop In £7
5 Class Pass £30

Both classes are Vinyasa based flow yoga where we use our breath to move in and out of the asanas (postures). Classes are suitable for beginners, but you will also be offered options to make your practice more challenging if you wish.
The classes change according to the energy in season, helping us to connect with the nature and find the balance and harmony within.

Bring your mat (if you have one) and comfortable clothing.



 I was drawn into the world of yoga in 2011 with a hope of finally gaining the ability to tickle my own toes. Like so many others, I was looking to increase my flexibility, but quickly yoga became much more than a physical practice. As well as the benefits to my body and mind, I began to notice tremendous improvements on my musical practice! Truly inspired, I started to look into different forms of yoga, the ways I could combine yoga with my singing practice and how to share my knowledge with others.

I found my haven in Vinyasa Flow. Using the breath to move from one asana to the other made the practice into a silent song, like making music with movement alone. Adapting the practice according to the season felt like common sense. I attended the yoga teacher training at the Seasonal Yoga Academy, studying with Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd and Rory Trollen. I continue to explore the wonderful world of yoga, deepening my knowledge of the yogic traditions and expanding my skills. I recently attended the Mentorship Programme at the Kali Collective Studio with Steph Wall.

I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Seasonal Elements.